Get Connected with Vinaphone’s New 60 GB, 15 Day eSIM for Vietnam

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Enjoy Seamless Mobile Internet in Vietnam with Vinaphone’s eSIM

Vietnam is a vibrant and bustling country with plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration. However, staying connected with friends, family, and work can be challenging when traveling abroad. That’s why Vinaphone, one of the leading mobile network providers in Vietnam, has introduced a new and innovative solution: the 60 GB, 15 Day eSIM for Vietnam. This eSIM is designed to provide seamless mobile internet connection for travelers and residents alike, without the hassle of finding a physical SIM card.

What is an eSIM? An eSIM, or Embedded SIM, is a type of SIM card that is embedded into a device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which can be removed and replaced, eSIMs are permanent and cannot be removed or changed. This makes them ideal for travelers or people who frequently switch between devices, as they can easily connect to a new network simply by changing the settings on their device.

Why choose Vinaphone’s 60 GB, 15 Day eSIM for Vietnam?

  • 60 GB of high-speed mobile data for 15 days
  • Easy activation
  • No need for physical SIM card, saving time and hassle
  • Affordable price for a large data allowance
  • High-quality network coverage throughout Vietnam

How to get started with Vinaphone’s eSIM?

  1. Purchase the eSIM
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Activate the eSIM while in Vietnam
  4. Enjoy seamless mobile internet connection in Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens if I exceed 60 GB of data during the 15 days?
    • Once the 60 GB limit is reached, you will have to purchase another data package or wait until the 15-day period has ended.
  • Can I use the eSIM with a device that is not compatible with eSIM technology?
    • No, the eSIM can only be used with eSIM-compatible devices or
  • What if I have trouble activating the eSIM through the device?
    • If you have trouble activating the eSIM through the device, you can contact us customer service for assistance.

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