Getting Started with DTAC Happy eSIM

⚪️  QR setup

Your device needs an internet connection to download the SIM Profile the first time.

Install on the day of travel to Thailand.

⚪️ ⚠️ Important

QR code can be added only once.  Remove only if you’re done with the SIM.

⚪️ Slow speeds

Try restarting your phone if you are not getting full speeds.

⚪️  Check Balance

Dial: *101*9#📞 to check balance.

⚪️ Data Balance

Dial: *101*1*9#📞 to check your remaining data.

⚪️ Get your Phone Number

Dial: *102*9#📞 to see your phone number, needed to add more credit.

⚪️  Recharge

You can add credit for calls, sms and more data plans at

⚪️ Expiry

Use the data plan with in 60 days of {order_date}

⚪️  eSIM Details

You have purchased the eSIM version of the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM

⚪️  eSIM Review

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⚪️  eSIM Community

Learn and share at: /r/esims  Facebook Travel Data Group

Customer Support

DTAC Call Center – Call 1678  – Multiple languages.  For eSIM usage issues.

eSIM Shop – Check the FAQ. Contact us for order issues, refunds or set up questions.  Contact Us.

⚪️  Additional Data Plans

After your first 8 Days, access these plans:

dtac add on