Getting Started with DTAC Happy eSIM

» QR setup

Your device needs an internet connection to download the SIM Profile the first time. You will not have signal till arrival in Thailand.

Note: Some users report a spinning wheel and long install time.  This is a known issue and recommend not to interrupt the process.  Other users report an error, however, eSIM installs.   

The eSIM will only activate in Thailand, and only works on the Thailand DTAC network.

» Timing

Install on the day of travel to Thailand. 

» ⚠️ Important

QR code can be added only once*.  Remove only if you’re done with the SIM.
*New: (iOS 16 Quick Transfer)

» Refunds

Request a refund if you did not install the eSIM.

» Slow speeds

Try restarting your phone if you are not getting full speeds.

» Check Balance

Dial: *101*9#📞 to check balance.

» Data Balance

Dial: *101*1*9#📞 to check your remaining data.

» Phone Number

Printed in local format below the QR code or dial: *102*9#📞 to see your phone number.  Needed to add phone credit. Country code is +66.

» Recharge

You can add credit for calls, sms and more data plans at

» Expiry

Use the data plan with in 60 days of your order. After activation, expires 60 days after last use.

» eSIM Details

You have purchased the eSIM export version of the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM. The eSIM is bound by the terms and conditions of the Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac).

⚪️  eSIM Review

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⚪️  eSIM Community

Learn and share at: /r/esims  Facebook Travel Data Group

Customer Support

DTAC Call Center – Call 1678  – Multiple languages.  For eSIM usage issues.

eSIM Shop – Check the FAQ. Contact us for order issues, refunds or set up questions.  Contact Us.

Additional Data Plans

After your first data plan is finished, you can continue using the eSIM by adding credit and choosing any of these add on plans: More plans listed here and here.


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Updated Sep, 2022

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