AIS eSIM2Fly Worldwide Roaming Partners

AIS no longer makes public a list of their roaming partners.   Each supported country may utilize one or more local carrier partners for SIM2Fly connectivity.   

Manual Network Setting

sim2fly network selectionAIS SIM2Fly does make it is possible to manually select your network.  If you find you are in a location and your network choice is switching between carriers or not connecting, you can do a manual network selection.

Go to Settings > Cellular > Network Selection.

Countries and networks covered by the AIS 4G Data Roaming service

AIS no longer issues a public list of their carrier partners for SIM2Fly.  Previously this page had a list of carrier partners, but is has been revised. 


Bridge Alliance

AIS is a member of Bridge Alliance and together with the Bridge partnership, AIS will roam with any of these partners. Mostly focused on Asia, this is a partnership of Asian telecom companies.   This means and AIS eSIM2Fly will roam on either China Telecom or China Unicom in China – whichever is available and preferred.  Other notable carriers include Softbank Japan, SK Korea, Singtel Singapore and Airtel India.


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