Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-20T12:11:45+07:00

Before Purchasing an eSIM Questions

What devices support eSIM?2020-06-12T11:49:59+07:00

Check if your device says “Dual eSIM” or “Dual SIM with eSIM

Devices starting in 2019 supporting eSIM:

  • Apple iPhone Xr, Xs or newer
  • Pixel 4 or newer
  • Samsung Fold or newer
  • Huawei P40 or newer


See our full list of known eSIM devices.

GSM Arena full list of devices with eSIM


Do I need to provide my real name?2020-06-12T09:38:25+07:00

Yes.  We may additionally ask for a photo of your passport for SIM registration purposes.

This is not an anonymous eSIM service.

Do I get a phone number with eSIM2Fly?2020-04-02T11:11:49+07:00

Yes.  You will get a Thailand Mobile (country code +66) 9 digit GSM phone number.

The eSIM can be used to make and receive calls and SMS and receiving SMS is free.

You can make outbound calls starting at 6 Baht per minute and you will need to load credit to the eSIM.

The eSIM2Fly come with a 0 balance for calls and SMS, so you do need to add credit if need calling or SMS.

Learn more about calling rates 

In what countries will eSIM2Fly work?2020-03-12T08:50:43+07:00

eSIM2Fly will work in over 100 countries, and will connect to these networks when roaming.

Visit the supported counties page to see all the countries.

After the initially purchased plan is exhausted, an eSIM2Fly can be reloaded and add either ( Global or Asian) package.

Example: After a trip to USA, a Global plan eSIM can be loaded with an Asian plan for a trip to Japan.

How do I install an eSIM with QR code?2020-01-14T11:04:25+07:00

On iOS devices you install the eSIM with these steps.

Open Settings -> Cellular –> Add Cellular Plan and then camera app will open, ready to scan any QR codes it sees.

Watch the how-to video

On Android:

  1. In Settings, go to Network & Internet.
  2. Select Mobile Network.
  3. Click on Add carrier.
  4. You can now scan your QR code.
  5. When the device asks for your confirmation click on Start.
  6. The device will now install your profile SIM2Fly.

Using an eSIM Questions

What are all the AIS eSIM2Fly Data Plans?2020-09-14T08:35:24+07:00

Add on Data Plans

For SIM2Fly users who have completed their initial plan

After your first plan SIM2Fly data plan expires, you can add any of the following data plans.  Here is how:

  1. Load enough THB credit onto the sim to pay for a package purchase. (Check credit with *121#📞)
  2. Press the USSD code as shown below to apply.  You will get an SMS upon success.
Location Cost (THB)Cost (USD approx) Total GBDaysUSSD Code
SIM2Fly 4GB Asian Plan (Unlimited 2G)Asia299$1048*111*500#📞
SIM2Fly 1GB Asian PlanAsia119$412*111*501#📞
SIM2Fly 4GB Global Plan (Unlimited 2G)Global799$26415*111*502#📞
SIM2Fly 1GB Global PlanGlobal299$1013*111*503#📞
1 Year Global Plan (No unlimited data)Global2699$8615365*111*504#📞
Ready2Fly 6GB AsiaAsia399$13610*111*408#📞
Ready2Fly 6GB GlobalGlobal899$29615*111*409#📞
Ready2Fly 2GB Neighbors🇱🇦 🇲🇲 🇰🇭 🇲🇾93$327*111*407#📞
Big Pack Plus Asia + USA 🆕 (domestic version only)Global1,916$613020*111*420#📞
Big Pack Plus Global 🆕 (domestic version only)Asia + USA3,521$1123020*111*421#📞

Where will these plans work?

Review the supported countries.

Plan Layering

You can have multiple plans active at the same time.  For example, if you add the 1 year global plan, good for 1 year, and then take a trip to Japan, you could then add the Asian plan for your data needs in Japan.   The Asian data would be used first, and then if finished, would used the data in the Global plan.

Other Info

These package codes apply only to the International version of the AIS SIM2Fly, sold on as of Jan 8, 2020.  If you have the domestic, sold in Thailand version, you can use all plans as listed on AIS SIM2fly site.

Can I get a Refund?2020-09-07T08:35:43+07:00

Refund Policy

All purchases are final.  If a eSIM has been added to a device no refund is possible as eSIMs codes are single use.

In the case of an eSIM in an unused, and unstated, a refund can be requested via our help email.

Refunds will be processed within 7 days.

Can I change the eSIM language to English?2020-07-07T14:40:26+07:00

To change the AIS SIM2Fly language to English dial this USSD code: *119*2#📞

You will get an SMS confirmation.

The default language of the eSIM2Fly is Thai.

I just got a new device, can I move my eSIM to another phone?2020-06-12T11:43:08+07:00

eSIMs can not be moved between devices.
Once an eSIM is added to a device, the SIM profile is loaded on that device and the one time QR code is no longer valid.

There is currently no method for moving an eSIM from one device to another device as the codes used take into account the unique ID of each phone.

If you have a new device your best option is to plan ahead using all the credit and data balance of your eSIM, then purchase a new eSIM for your new device.


After I purchase the eSIM when will the data plan start?2020-06-12T11:42:03+07:00

The data plan starts upon the first data usage in a supported country.

  • If you purchased an Asian Plan, your data plans starts upon first use in a supported Asian country.
  • If you purchased a Global Plan, your data plans start upon first use in a supported Country

You can add an eSIM without starting the data plan. 
Make sure sure you are in flight mode and connected to WiFi.  Then be sure your home SIM is selected for Data, Voice and SMS.  Finally, on the day of your trip, you can select the SIM2Fly as your default data SIM.

Use within 60 Days.
You have 60 days after adding the eSIM to your phone to make first data usage.

Is there an app to help manage my eSIM?2020-02-26T11:11:05+07:00

Yes.  You can install the official my AIS app that will provide some basic information about your eSIM.

Check things like:

  • Remaining Balance
  • Remaining Data


Get my AIS app for Android or iOS.

eSIM Issues Questions

What does “PDP Authentication Failure” mean?2020-07-10T11:25:59+07:00

If your iPhone or iPad is saying PDP Authentication Failure when you try to access the Internet please follow the steps below.

  • Put your device into airplane mode for a few seconds.
  • Turn off the phone and reboot.
  • If you are still getting the PDP Authentication Failure Message, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will reset the networks setting on the iPhone or iPad.


PDP (Packet Data Protocol) is the networking used by your device to connect it to thru the carriers to the public internet.  Any error in authentication means your device has not received the the appropriate settings needed to automatically connect.   Assuming no issues with the validity of the carrier service, any PDP Authentication Error could indicate corrupted, mismatched or missing networking information.

Doing a fresh network reset, on a strong data connection should allow the network settings to be updated properly.


What does “Unable to complete cellular plan change” error mean?2020-06-12T11:25:34+07:00

iPhones will display this error if you are adding a plan and the phone has no connection to the internet.   To add an eSIM the SIM profile must be downloaded from a server and so the phone needs to be online for this part.




What does “unable to complete data plan change” error mean?2020-06-12T11:25:12+07:00

Unable to Complete Data Plan Change. Your data plan could not be set up. Try again later.

This error usually indicates that the connection to download the eSIM plan was not made.  Your devices needs a stable internet connection to request and download the eSIM profile for the first time.

This error will also show if an eSIM has been removed and a 2nd attempt to add the eSIM profile using the same QR code is made.

Here are some other trouble shooting tips from Apple on how to fix any issues you might encounter when using Dual SIM with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or later models that feature a nano-SIM card and an eSIM.


What does “Data Plan Cannot Be Added” mean?2020-06-12T11:24:59+07:00
data plan cannot be added

Data Plan Cannnot Be Added

The error message “Data Plan Cannot Be Added This code is no longer valid. Contact your network provider for more information” usually means the one time activation code contained in the QR code has already been used.   This also means that you or someone has already added the eSIM profile.


  1. Check that the SIM is not added already.  On iPhone check Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plans
  2. Check with the us to see if we can see the activation information




What does “Data Plans from This Network Provider Cannot Be Added” mean ?2020-06-12T11:24:50+07:00

“Data Plans from This Network Provider Cannot Be Added” error

This error likely means your phone is locked by the original carrier of purchase.

Also make sure to have a strong internet connection when trying to add the eSIM. A good data connection, that allows a secure connection, is needed in order for the SIM profile download.   If unsuccessful with 4G/LTE, switch to WiFi.

Dial *#06# to retrieve your device’s 15-digit IMEI number, in case checking on your IMEI lock status.

Error message:

Data Plans from This Network Provider Cannot Be Added

Your device can only use data plans from a different network provider.

data plans from this network provider can not be added