eSIM2Fly User Guide

Getting starting with your AIS SIM2FLY eSIM:

⚪️  QR Setup

The device needs a data connection to download the SIM Profile the first time. Watch!

⚪️ ⚠️ Important

QR code can be added only once.  Remove only if you’re done with the SIM.

⚪️ Slow speeds

Try restarting if you are not getting full speeds. Try these steps.

⚪️ ⚠️ Errors

See our FAQ. Can’t add errorPlan Change error.

⚪️ 🇬🇧 English

Dial: *119*2#📞 to set the language to English.

⚪️ Data Balance

Dial: *111*6#📞 to check your remaining data.

⚪️ Get your Phone Number

Dial: *545#📞 to see your phone number, needed to add more credit.

⚪️ Add on packages

Info on adding additional data plans.  MORE DATA!

⚪️ 📲 Recharge

Add credit for calls, SMS and more data plans at

⚪️ 📆 Expiry

Add within 90 days of purchase. Use data within 60 days of adding.  Check your expiry date: *102#📞  ( Buy validity!)

⚪️ 🇹🇭 eSIM2Fly Product Details

You have purchased the eSIM version of the international variant of the AIS SIM2Fly product.  The international variant uses the intl package code and gives access to full data allowance for Thailand 👍.  Get the AIS App for iOS or Android.

Help Others and Learn More

⚪️ 📝 eSIM Review

Leave a website review for Asian eSIM or Global eSIMLeave a Facebook Review.

⚪️ 🙋‍♀️ eSIM Community

Learn and share your experience at: /r/esims  Facebook Travel Data Group

Customer Support

⚪️ eSIM Shop – Check the FAQ. Contact us for order issues, refunds or set up questions.  Use this email or contact via Chat.

⚪️ AIS Telecom – Contact for issues related to connectivity, plan changing or account issues. AIS has 24/7 multilingual support via +662-271-9000, Line Messenger and email.