Keep using your AIS SIM2Fly after the starter plan is finished!

Plan Name Location Days Total GB Cost (THB | USD) USSD Code πŸ“ž
SIM2Fly 4GB Asian Plan (Unlimited 2G) Asia 8 4 GB 299 | $10
SIM2Fly 1GB Asian Plan Asia 2 1 GB 119 | $4
SIM2Fly 4GB Global Plan (Unlimited 2G) Global 15 4 GB 799 | $26
SIM2Fly 1GB Global Plan Global 3 1 GB 299 | $10
1 Year Global Plan (No unlimited data) Global 365 15 GB 2699 | $87
Ready2Fly 6GB Asia Asia 10 6 GB 399 | $13
Ready2Fly 6GB Global Global 15 6 GB 899 | $30
Ready2Fly 2GB Neighbors πŸ‡±πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡²πŸ‡² πŸ‡°πŸ‡­ πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ 7 2 GB 99 | $3


After your first plan SIM2Fly data plan expires, you can add any of these data plans.Β  Here is how:
  1. Load enough THB credit onto the sim to pay for a package purchase. (Check credit with *121#πŸ“ž)
  2. Press the USSD code as shown to apply.Β  You will get an SMS upon success. (you can also sign up in my ais app)
  3. Check your data balance. Dial *111*6#πŸ“žΒ to check your remaining data.

Where will these plans work?

Review the supported countries.

Adding plans with the app

Use the myAIS app to add additional plans.Β  Β Video: How to add plans with the app.

Plan Queuing

With the exception the 1 year plan, you can have multiple plans qued at the same time.Β  For example, if you add the 6 GB global plan, good for 15 Days, and then want to plan ahead and add a 2nd Global plan, the first plan would be used up before going to the second.Β  Β If you had an Asian Plan active the Asian Plan data would be used first, and then if finished, would used the data in the Global plan.

Other Info

These package codes apply only to the International version of the AIS SIM2Fly, sold on as of Jan 8, 2020.Β  If you have the domestic, sold in Thailand version, you can use all plans as listed on AIS SIM2fly site. Special Serenade Member data plans. Have a look at the AIS eSIM Cheat Sheet for help using your eSIM