Does my device support eSIM?

Known lack of eSIM support ❌

These devices have no eSIM:

  • *iPhones purchased from China or Hong Kong are dual (physical) sim, with no eSIM.
  • Pixel 3a purchased in South East Asia
  • No support for by Android Q Beta versions
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Hybrid Dual SIM – Samsung produce both eSIM and no eSIM versions
  • **Huawei P40 Pro+ has no eSIM support
  • LG, HTC, Xiaomi, Honor, RealMe, OnePlus, Vivo – no eSIM support yet ?

Did we miss something?

If you have used an eSIM on a different device, let us know!

GSMArena eSIM List

The guys at have a great list of devices with eSIM support:  eSIM supported devices is GSMArena

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