5 Easy Ways To Extend the Battery Life Of Your Phone When Travelling

Extend Battery Life

While we are travelling, it is absolutely essential that we have enough battery life to last the day or until we have access to an outlet able to recharge our phones. We greatly rely on our phones while traveling as they are multipurpose devices that serve as our cameras, language translators, maps, and social media access points.

Thus, here are effective ways to preserve battery life and keep your phone up and running as you go about your travel activities!

1. Dim the screen

Using auto-brightness or dimming your screen can significantly reduce the energy your smartphone consumes, and effectively help maintain a decent battery life.

extend battery life

There are apps that continually use data for random updates. Turning off the background app refresh option (click here to read about how to do so with an Android) will significantly reduce your battery usage. Remember, if you have high battery life, you will benefit from being able to take extensive pictures and being able to navigate while on the road for a longer period of time!

Not only will turning off vibrational notifications conserve battery life significantly, but it will also prevent you from being bombarded with endless notifications that may disrupt your travel plans. So, do yourself a favor, and turn them off!

This applies to most smartphones, and is especially helpful if you are running on a battery below 20%.

Auto-locking your screen will greatly save your battery as it would allow your phone to shut itself off when it detects lack of activity from your end. The shorter the time for auto-lock, the more effective it will be.

There you have it! If you have other battery saving tips, comment down below so others could try them too!

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