As the international travel space reopens, it’s important to remember that each local jurisdiction will implement its own solution for safe travel.

Traveling with an eSIM is essential, whether for business or pleasure. Because each country has different vaccine requirements, sign-in procedures, and safety protocols, being contactless and connected to a wireless network is not only a plus, but something you should take advantage of.

Make sure you have all of your travel documents, including health information, visas, boarding passes, and so on, saved on your devices before you leave.

Finally, make sure you are familiar with the laws of the country to which you’re visiting. Travelers may be required to take a COVID test when they arrive, before they leave, or for other reasons.

Check out this link to check on the travel restrictions and regulations for the countries you will be traveling to.

Contactless travel: what it is and how it works

















eSIM2FLY takes your safety very seriously. The safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority when it comes to travel.

In our opinion, the best way to appreciate the benefits of a contactless travel experience is to maximize the time you spend planning your journey on your phone, while limiting the time you spend having to deal with people.

This may seem restrictive in typical conditions, but there is an upside. Using your phone’s technology should never be a barrier on your journey; rather, it should be a means of staying connected to the rest of the world!

With an eSIM-enabled handset, here are some contactless travel tips:

  • Google or Apple Pay can be activated by swiping your phone at a cashier’s register.
  • Use a different digital line to manage your network.
  • You can tether data from your eSIM device to another device or screen.
  • Anywhere your service provider’s network can reach, you can connect to the internet
  • It’s possible to keep track of vital medical or commercial records on many devices.
  • Your smartphone or tablet can be used to order food, groceries, and transportation services, as well.
  • Instead of using a physical menu, use a QR code scanner.

Keep in mind that roaming charges may be incurred if you travel with a physical SIM card while on a data plan. When your device connects to a network outside of your carrier’s plan, you’ll be charged roaming fees. You will be charged a daily premium if you use your primary local SIM card to connect to a network outside of your coverage area.

It’s possible that things will go nasty in a hurry. If you’d like to know how Ellen Creager ended up with a $1,100 bill for roaming on a vacation to Greenland, see our case study on how it went awry. You probably don’t want to spend a whole day on the phone with the customer support department of your wireless provider. When using eSIM, it’s simply a matter of plugging in as much info as you need and then going.

It is possible to use an eSIM with Android or iOS. You’re only a tap away from a contactless ride, no matter what device you’re using.


Preventative measures must be taken

Always be on the lookout for unfamiliar landmarks as you travel. You should constantly be well-informed and prepared. Making every step of the journey as safe as possible is now possible with eSIM.

In general, it’s best to preserve your distance from other passengers and take care of your health while traveling.

Your risk tolerance and what you can comfortably enjoy while traveling are the two most important considerations you’ll have to make. That’s a doable task with some forethought.



What you need to know before flying

















So, what exactly is an eSIM, you might ask?

The term “eSIM” refers to a SIM card that has been “embedded.” An eSIM is a SIM card that is directly soldered into your phone. (Think of it like a fully digital SIM card.) Instead of swapping a chip to access data plans, you can just scan the QR code being sent to your email and you’re good to go.

This means you won’t have to look for SIM card vendors while traveling, manage a physical SIM card, multiple cards, or waste unnecessary plastic from used cards. It’s a more convenient, efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective way to travel.

An eSIM has the same functionality as a physical SIM, allowing you to do the following, but not limited to:

  • For local data, use your mobile network.
  • Cellular service that allows you to call, contact, and stay connected to other phones and devices.
  • Scanning, storing, searching, activating, and downloading data to your device
  • You can keep your phone number while still being able to change your phone line.
  • You’ll never have to worry about being charged for roaming again.
  • Instead of inserting a chip, use a QR code to activate your eSIM plan.
  • Most flagship devices manufactured in the last 2-3 years are eSIM capable; for a complete list of eSIM compatible devices, see our list here.


Make sure to install your eSIM before boarding your flight. eSIM2FLY’s eSIM support is available for both Android and iOS devices; if you still need assistance, please email  (we’re pleased to assist!).