Easy Guide to Installing an eSIM2Fly with a QR code

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How to install an eSIM2Fly with a QR code

Adding an eSIM2Fly to an eSIM-enabled phone with a QR code is very easy! With growing support from Huawei, Samsung and the new iPhone SE, finding an eSIM-enabled device should be a top priority if you do any kind of travel. Take a look at our list of all devices that support the use of eSIMs.

The eSIM2Fly has all the same general features as a physical SIM2Fly, except it can be delivered to you via email – no shipping or delivery fees! You can order an AIS eSIM2Fly and receive it in minutes. And you can do it today.

eSIM2Fly versions

eSIM2Fly.com is now selling 2 versions of the SIM2Fly – the Global and Asian versions. With coverage of 100+ countries, both SIMs give you convenient coverage at great rates.eSIM2Fly

eSIM Key Differences

There are a few features of eSIMs that set them apart from physical SIMs. With an eSIM, you cannot SIM swap between devices. That means, if you purchase a new phone or would like to swap SIMs, you can not do that, and you’d need a new eSIM altogether (AKA it is not a transferrable product). The good news is that you can have 10+ eSIM profiles on standby, so that even when you are not using your eSIM2Fly, you can still keep it and activate it later when necessary.

Note on installation

Also, you’ll need to initially be on wifi or have some sort of internet connection in order for the eSIM module to make its first-time connection to the carrier. Beyond that point, the SIM profile should be loaded and you should be good to go!


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