How to activate eSIM on your iPad?

Selected iPad devices can support eSIM.  You can check if your iPad is one of them.  Check the model of your iPad you’ve got.

Once, you needed a desktop computer and dial-up to connect to the internet. Then, came mobile phones. Today, certain tablets, including a range of Apple iPads, are now able to connect to mobile services as stand-alone devices. This is made possible by iPad eSIM technology, the same embedded SIM that can be found in Apple’s latest SE series and the Google Pixel 4.

There is no doubt that eSIM is here to stay as it has since extended to cars and other electronics. The demand for this new embedded SIM technology is disrupting the mobile telecommunications industry as it’s introducing consumers to a whole new world of flexibility and connectivity at home and abroad.

Tech giants like Apple were the first to invest in the new technology and it has taken off from there, with most new devices being developed with the revolutionary smart card. Apple first introduced eSIM capability to its smartwatches, then to its mobile phones, and finally, to its iPads.

This guide covers which iPad devices have an eSIM and how to set the eSIM up. It also covers how to choose a data plan, and other frequently asked questions about the iPad eSIM.

* eSIM on iPad is not offered in China mainland.

AIS Roaming parters provide the local data in each country.  The SIM will auto connect or you can choose.

For any other questions regarding eSIMs, check our FAQ!

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