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One eSIM, 125 countries.

The eSIM2Fly Global eSIM takes the pain out of cross border connectivity.

eSIM2Fly – The Reloadable Prepaid eSIM

eSIM Product
  • Covers 15 days of travel

  • Includes 6GB of highest speed data

  • And Unlimited 2G (128kbps)

  • Instant SIM QR Code delivery


How to add eSIM Data Plan to your iPhone

Service in 100+ Countries

Global Supported Countries

• France
• Germany
• Egypt
• Hungary
• Israel
• Russia
• United Kingdom
• United States

and more

Compatible Devices

• iPhone SE • iPhone XR • iPhone XS, XS Max
• iPhone 11 • iPhone 11 Pro
• iPad Air, Pro, Mini
• Pixel 3, 4

Supported eSIM devices

Amazing Pricing

$6.16 per GB for use in 125 Countries

Want to use for more than 15 Days?

  • You can add credit for more data plans or calling and SMS.
  • View your phone number by dialing *545#
  • Visit, enter your number (without the country code) and follow the steps.

Reloadable for Additional Data Plans

Used up your data plan? No problem. You can easily add any of these plans using self-service USSD codes.
Useful Codes:
  • To check your remaining data balance dial: *111*6#
  • To check your SIM registration dial: *161# 
  • To check your credit dial: *121#
  • To change language to English dial: *119*2#
Europe USA & Global
100 Country Package:

1GB for 3 days

10 USD

To subscribe, dial:

*111*503#  or  *111*359#  
(Cost 299 Baht)

4GB for 15 days

26 USD

To subscribe, dial:

*111*502# or *111*358#
(Cost 799 Baht)

Asia & Australia

1GB for 2 days


To subscribe, dial:

*111*501# or *111*356#
(Cost 119 Baht)

4GB for 8 days

10 USD

To subscribe, dial:

*111*500# or *111*354#
(Cost 299 Baht)

1 Year 100 Country
Global Package :

15GB for 365 days

86 USD

To subscribe, dial:

*111*504#  or *111*407# 

(Cost 2699 Baht)

Customers Love the eSIM2Fly

What devices support eSIM?2020-06-12T11:49:59+07:00

Check if your device says “Dual eSIM” or “Dual SIM with eSIM

Devices starting in 2019 supporting eSIM:

  • Apple iPhone Xr, Xs or newer
  • Pixel 4 or newer
  • Samsung Fold or newer
  • Huawei P40 or newer


See our full list of known eSIM devices.

GSM Arena full list of devices with eSIM


Do I need to provide my real name?2020-06-12T09:38:25+07:00

Yes.  We may additionally ask for a photo of your passport for SIM registration purposes.

This is not an anonymous eSIM service.

Do I get a phone number with eSIM2Fly?2020-04-02T11:11:49+07:00

Yes.  You will get a Thailand Mobile (country code +66) 9 digit GSM phone number.

The eSIM can be used to make and receive calls and SMS and receiving SMS is free.

You can make outbound calls starting at 6 Baht per minute and you will need to load credit to the eSIM.

The eSIM2Fly come with a 0 balance for calls and SMS, so you do need to add credit if need calling or SMS.

Learn more about calling rates 

In what countries will eSIM2Fly work?2020-03-12T08:50:43+07:00

eSIM2Fly will work in over 100 countries, and will connect to these networks when roaming.

Visit the supported counties page to see all the countries.

After the initially purchased plan is exhausted, an eSIM2Fly can be reloaded and add either ( Global or Asian) package.

Example: After a trip to USA, a Global plan eSIM can be loaded with an Asian plan for a trip to Japan.

How do I install an eSIM with QR code?2020-01-14T11:04:25+07:00

On iOS devices you install the eSIM with these steps.

Open Settings -> Cellular –> Add Cellular Plan and then camera app will open, ready to scan any QR codes it sees.

Watch the how-to video

On Android:

  1. In Settings, go to Network & Internet.
  2. Select Mobile Network.
  3. Click on Add carrier.
  4. You can now scan your QR code.
  5. When the device asks for your confirmation click on Start.
  6. The device will now install your profile SIM2Fly.

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