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eSIM in Spain: Best carriers for your travel

Let’s take a look at your options of eSIM in Spain

The Iberian nation of Spain has long been one of Europe’s top destinations for tourism and study abroad. The country brims with Moorish, Romanesque and Gothic architecture as well as bold cultural elements like bullfighting and botellon street parties, part of the reason why so many travelers continue to choose Spain for their vacations or as a place of residence. Other perks of travel to Spain include the sunny Mediterranean climate and delicious foods like paella. No matter what motivations you have to travel, Spain stands out as an appealing destination.

Not only that Spain has a lot to offer, all major local carriers support eSIMs as well!

Having a trip to Spain? Or if you’re a seafarer and your ship is passing through Spain? Stay connected by purchasing an eSIM online!

eSIMs are easy to activate without the need of physical swapping of cards to install a connection. They also allow for another physical SIM to be used at the same time.  Travel eSIMs are especially good as you can get them digitally right before you travel. eSIMs is perfect for travelers as it removes the need for individual SIMs. You can also upgrade devices in a breeze by registering your new device with your cellular network provider.

Local Carriers


Movistar by Telefónica is on 2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSPA+ and 4G/LTE. 5G NR has started but is not available for prepaid so far.

Telefónica is still the incumbent and main landline provider and used to be market leader in Spain, but its prepaid offer used to be not very competitive. This changed in 2019 when Movistar finally released affordable prepaid options in promotions.

This carrier supports eSIM in Spain. 

Check out their local prices and coverage (in EUR)


Orange España is the second mobile phone provider of the four Spanish providers (Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo), with 11 million customers. The company also offers TV and Internet (ADSL, FTTH) services. Orange offers GSM 900/1800 MHz (2G), UMTS 2100MHz (3G) HSDPA (3.5G) and LTE (4G) services.

This carrier supports eSIM in Spain. 

Check out their local prices and coverage (in EUR )


Vodafone is a mobile telecommunications operator in Spain headquartered in Madrid. The company was founded in 2000, as a result of the merger of the shares held by Vodafone Group and British Telecommunications plc, and Airtel Móviles, S.A. Vodafone España offers GSM900/1800 MHz (2G), UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3.5G) and 4G LTE services in Spain.

This carrier supports eSIM in Spain. 

Check out their local prices and coverage (in EUR)

eSIM2Fly Roaming Sim

asia packageSo how does a roaming eSIM compare with local eSIMs?

Local SIMs are charging about USD 2.61 per GB.   The price per GB on Sim to fly is USD 3.10 of per GB on the first package then only USD 2.50 for add on packages.   This makes the eSIM2Fly roaming sim competitive with the local eSIMs in price per GB.

Price of 6GB in USD

In the graph above, we see the equivalent cost of 6 GB when priced in USD.


  • Can only be purchased through their store or through 1004 for new lines
  • NO KYC required


  • Can be purchased online and through dtac branches
  • NO KYC required


  • Can be purchased in their store and online
  • NO KYC required


  • Can be purchased online
  • NO KYC required

eSIM Device and Installation

Check if your device supports eSIM prior to purchasing. See our full list of known eSIM devices.
How do I install an eSIM with QR code?

AIS Roaming parters provide the local data in each country.  The SIM will auto connect or you can choose.

For any other questions regarding eSIMs, check our FAQ!

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