data plan cannot be added

Data Plan Cannnot Be Added

The error message “Data Plan Cannot Be Added This code is no longer valid. Contact your network provider for more information” usually means the one-time activation code contained in the QR code has already been used.   This means that you or someone has already added or attempted to add the eSIM profile.

The SIM Profile needs to be downloaded from the LPA server, and any interruption or data outage during this process can mean the SIM profile does not download successfully. Interruptions can be on your device, your cellular network, the LPA server or ISP placed restrictions.    If the server detects the one time code was already used in downloading the eSIM, it will not let you try the download again.


  1. Check that the SIM is not added already.  On iPhone check Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plans

In case of purchase from, provide us with:

  • The phone number of the SIM
  • The order number

If data is not used, and sim not active you would be eligible for a re-issued QR code.

If the data is used, and the package is started there is nothing we can do, and no refund is possible. You will need a new eSIM.