AIS SIM2Fly: The Best Way for Seafarers to Stay Connected

How could seafarers benefit from SIM2Fly?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many seafarers have been awaiting repatriation while waiting aboard their ships. Efforts are additionally being implemented in order to recognize seafarers as key workers during the pandemic, as this would serve to push towards the direction of allowing thousands of maritime workers to either return home or return to work.

Staying connected is a must for people who are constantly on the move, especially seafarers, who might find themselves in the Philippines one month and Singapore the next. Now, switching out SIM cards every time one enters a new country’s network can be a hassle. Having a multi-country roaming data plan is thus essential and highly advantageous for the seafarer lifestyle. More and more seafarers are turning to the AIS SIM2fly SIM card for their multi-country data needs.


What is AIS SIM2Fly?

AIS is a mobile network provider based in Thailand that provides local and international connectivity services. Their SIM card provides you with a fast, reliable connection in over 80 countries. AIS is an MNO, or Mobile Network Operator, and not a virtual network – this renders the connection it provides stable, reliable and fast.

AIS SIM2Fly is easy to use and easy to top up once you run out of credit. Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase your SIM card at any AIS store in Thailand or online.
  • Register your SIM with your national ID or passport. To check the registration status of your SIM card, dial *161#
  • Start using your SIM card within 60 days of activation

Starting at 399 baht (around $12.50 USD), you can obtain 6 GB of data at maximum speeds for 10 days within Asia and Australia. For global connectivity, the SIMs are priced at 899 baht (around $28.25 USD) and provide you with 6 GB of data at maximum speeds for 15 days. In addition, you can buy a global SIM for a year for 2,799 baht (around $90 USD). This will provide you with 15 GB at max speeds for a full year.

Running out of credit is not a problem! You can easily top up your credit online. This effectively gives you the ability to freely use a Thai SIM around the world.

What Benefits Does SIM2Fly Provide Me With As a Seafarer?

Having a SIM card that functions in dozens of countries is undoubtedly ideal for seafarers looking for a painless way to connect to friends, family, and colleagues while at port. AIS’s SIM offers these seafarers a great solution. Any time their vessel comes to port, they can easily switch to their AIS SIM2Fly SIM card and instantly establish a strong, 4G connection. With competitive rates and reliable speeds and connection, it’s easy to see why this is becoming the first-choice SIM card for seafarers around the globe.

2020 has been a difficult year for many workers around the world, and the seafaring community is no exception. And while restrictions are being lifted to ensure that cross-border trade continues, many seafarers have been awaiting crew changes in order for them to finally go home after months at sea. Having stable and reliable communications at all times is truly invaluable as a seafarer.

If you are constantly changing ports and networks, the SIM2Fly’s year plan is an easy, hassle-free option. You can simply top up data as you need and never worry about your SIM expiring or not working. SIM2Fly works in over 80 countries around the world.

Another great thing about it is how easy it is to sign up and stay connected. If you run low on data or credit, you can top up your SIM2Fly here.

What is an eSIM2Fly?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that does not require the user to have a physical SIM card inserted in their phone. For now, only newer phone models are compatible with eSIMs – however, this technology is expected to be in widespread use within 2 to 3 years.

eSIM2Fly provides all the benefits of the SIM2Fly, without the hassle of having to go buy a physical card. A QR code would be emailed to you – you would simply scan it and add the cellular plan to your phone! It provides you with quick and easy connectivity without the hassle of changing SIM cards at every port. With AIS’s eSIM2Fly, you can enjoy the same low rates as the international SIM2Fly in any of the 80+ countries it supports.

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, with around 33 million people visiting the kingdom annually. With all the tourists entering the country, Thailand’s MNOs have a massive surplus in data – in turn, they sell it as a low-cost travel SIM. Many other travel SIM cards simply cannot compete with the prices Thai phone carriers can provide. Many Thai Telcos are dominating the market for Asian travel data, and for seafarers, the eSIM2Fly gives them exactly the connectivity they are looking for.

How Do I Top Up My eSIM2Fly?

Keeping credit on your SIM2Fly has never been easier. You can top up SIM2Fly credit online using a top up service or at any AIS store in Thailand. Using a top up service is great for seafarers who need to maintain a balance on their SIM2Fly but do not always find themselves in Thailand near an AIS store.

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  1. I do have SIM but NO NETWORK SIGNAL in Australia & China
    i bought it in kosichang thailand.

    1. Hi Egbert. Did you get an eSIM from us? I can’t find your email in our Orders record.

      Australia and China are included in our Global and Asia Plans (China is not included in our Asia Min Plan).

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