The global roaming sim from AIS continues to improve its roaming offering and has added 21 new countries for their Global Plan coverage. With this addition, there are now 125 countries where you can communicate with an AIS SIM2Fly.Β  Β All existing SIM2Fly users of both the physical and eSIM can take advantage of these new roaming destinations.

Newly added AIS SIM2Fly Countries

  1. Bahrain
  2. Brazil
  3. Chad
  4. Congo (Democratic Republic Of)
  5. Congro Republic
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Ecuador
  8. Gabon
  9. Georgia
  10. Guatemala
  11. Jordan
  12. Kenya
  13. Madagascar Republic
  14. Malawi
  15. Moldova
  16. Mongolia
  17. Nauru
  18. Nicaragua
  19. Panama
  20. Reunion
  21. Tunisia


AIS chooses the operators in each country, but we have some idea of their partner networks.Β  We have updated our list of all Asia and Global eSIM2Fly supported countries.

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