We’re happy to launch eSIM2Fly.com where you can get the amazing travel sim from AIS as a digital eSIM ready for the latest phones.   The SIM2Fly product is already very popular with Thai travelers as well as other travelers in the region.  Seafarers find the AIS SIM2Fly incredibly useful as the package price and multi country connectivity are second to none.

If you’re someone traveling to Asia and have multiple countries on your plan, the SIM2Fly is perfect for you.   You can use the same sim for a visit to Japan, Korea and China.   Or maybe you are visiting the South East Asian countries of Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.   In fact the only place in Asia where the SIM2Fly is not a great travel SIM choice is when visiting Thailand.

Users of the SIM2Fly to Thailand now can use 500MB of data while in the country, but keep in mind it’s not the best choice for Thailand.  A local tourist or traveler sim would be a better option.

With the eSIM you can easily purchase a QR code, scan it and add it to your eSIM enabled phone. The eSIM makes plastic sims just about obsolete, however there are a few points you need to remember.

We’ll be on a mission to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your trip and this easy to use roaming package.

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