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Installing the eSIM2FlyWe’re happy to announce the launch of, where you can obtain the most convenient and reliable travel SIM from AIS as a digital eSIM, with support by the latest phones. The eSIM2Fly product is already highly popular among Thai travellers as well as other travellers in the region, for its ease of use and variety of features. Additionally, seafarers find the AIS eSIM2Fly incredibly useful as the package price and multi-country connectivity are second-to-none.

Travelling to Asia with the eSIM2Fly

If you’re someone traveling to Asia and you intend to visit multiple countries, the eSIM2Fly is perfect for you. You can use the same SIM for a visit to Japan, Korea and China, or even South East Asian countries including Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

Note:ย the only place in Asia where the eSIM2Fly is not a great travel SIM choice is when visiting Thailand. A local tourist or traveler SIM would be a better option.

With the eSIM2Fly, you can easily purchase a QR code, scan it, and add it to your eSIM-enabled phone as another phone line. The eSIM renders plastic SIMs just about obsolete.

Notes on eSIMs, to remember

  • eSIMs can be only added once – once removed, you cannot scan the QR code again
  • To get the same number, the carrier will need to reissue the QR code you previously used
  • You can have 5 or more eSIM profiles on a device, which makes it quite easy to switch between active numbers!
  • Unlike a physical SIM, you cannot swap devices or transfer to another user.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your trip and benefit the most from our services.

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