When we are travelling, all we want is enough battery life to last the day or until we have the outlet available to recharge our phones. We hugely rely on our phones more than anything else while traveling as we use this as our camera, language translator, map or just to update our social media accounts.

However, there are effective battery-life preserving hacks that can help your phone be up and running when you’re on the road.

1. Dim the screen

Using auto brightness or dimming your screen can really significantly reduce the power your smartphone consumes.

extend battery life



There are apps that continually use the data for update. Turning off the background app refresh will definitely reduce significantly your battery usage. Remember, if you have high battery life, you get to enjoy taking pictures and navigating while on the road.




If you’re travelling, you just want to relax and enjoy the sceneries right? You don’t want to be bombarded by different emails, SMS or phone calls from work and stuff, so turn off the vibrations on your phone. Not only that this will help you to enjoy your vacation, but this will definitely conserve your battery’s power.





This may apply to android phones as well, mostly all smartphones. This is truly helpful if you’re getting below 20%.




Auto lock of your screen will definitely save your battery as when you’re not using it, it will just automatically close the screen and voila! Battery saved! Select the shortest possible time to lock the screen.


There you have it! If you have other battery saving tips, comment down below so others would try it too!

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